Highlights in Ft. Collins

Recently, a few Board members took a trip to Ft. Collins to check out all of the amazing things going on in Ft. Collins. Needless to say, we were incredibly impressed with what we saw.

Doug Usher, Creative Director of The Via Company, invited us for a guided tour, showing us the latest and greatest going on in Ft. Collins. First off, Doug is doing incredible work with his company, creating high-end video content for a variety of clients. The work is impressive and Doug couldn’t have been a more gracious guide around town. We truly felt like we were getting the inside track on the coolest places in NoCo.


Our first stop was to the new location for the Lyric Cinema. It is still under construction, but owner Ben Mozer gave us the grand tour and expounded his vision for the new building. “I want this to be an arts centered establishment, which also has theaters showing great indie cinema,” says Mozer. From eccentric design elements to an outdoor screen, Mozer is creating a destination worth the travel. The new Lyric Cinema is schedule to open in the fall and we cannot wait to return when it’s finished.


Our next stop was to The Music District. The Music District is a dynamic gathering hub, workspace, and creative playground for the music community. Run by a non profit, this is a place where anyone can develop the art, learn the business, and share skills and passions with musicians and music lovers. A living laboratory, it will continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the northern Colorado landscape and the wider music world. Whether renting a practice space, or attending a business workshop, or even enjoying a musical performance, The Music District is working hard for the musicians and music scene of Ft. Collins.

The next stop was to meet Patrick Edmiston and his business, The Articulate. Patrick created The Articulate as a co-working space for creatives. With different levels of membership, depending on your needs, this modern design space allows creatives a space to hold office hours, or to have a more permanent office on site. There’s also a cyc wall for use by the members. Throw in the amenity of a tapped keg of the finest Ft. Collins brews, and this place is sure to accommodate those with even the most discerning tastes. If you’re ever in Ft. Collins and need a drop in desk, this is your place!


The final stop on our tour was to the Dome Theater. Housed in the Ft. Collins Museum of Discovery, the Otterbox Digital Dome Theater displays breathtaking presentations on its gigantic 35-foot diameter dome screen. It primarily exhibits educational programming, usually pertaining to Astronomy, but Ben Gondrez hosts Dome Lab Meetups, where digital artists, painters, musicians, DJs, VJs, photographers, or even programmers can experiment with 3D and VR technologies. Dome Lab is open and free to anyone interested in creating and collaborating on projects of all types so bring your creativity and #doitinadome. As far as we know, this is the only facility in Colorado where an opportunity like this exists.

All in all, the trip to Ft. Collins was enlightening. There are many amazing creatives doing exceptional work and when you find yourself in this growing town and needing some help, you now know who to reach out to. If anyone would like any further information about any of the places mentioned above, feel free to reach out to them directly, or contact the CFVA, and we can put yo pin touch with the appropriate parties.

Thanks again to everyone for opening up their doors to the CFVA and we cannot wait to return to see all the new things being created in NoCo.


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