Highlighting Colorado Film: Don’t Blink

“Don’t Blink” is the latest professional short film shot in Colorado! Filmed on location in Morrison, and utilizing production facilities at Westworks Studios and Circuit Studios, the project was filmed primarily for viewing in “TANDEM REALITY” with a traditional cinema image presented simultaneously with a 360 Virtual Reality timeline. This is a cutting-edge technology and the first of its kind filmed in Colorado. The short was presented to a myriad of entertainment/production companies during the NAB show in Las Vegas to enthusiastic responses and had great reviews and attention. The 360VR aspect is the future – imagine sitting in the theater, you hear something coming from behind you and with your Virtual Reality goggles, you turn around and can actually ‘see’ the noises and images behind you!

Licensing the rights to use the song, “Everyday” as recorded by Buddy Holly enhanced the story and provided an eerie background, and hiring SAG-AFTRA actors was integral in making sure the story was told appropriately — 50% of the cast are women, half the talent are local actors from Colorado as well. 90% of the crew (above-the-line and below-the-line) are all Colorado residents and 30% of those are minorities and/or women (Writer, Producer, Casting Director, Make-up, Hair and Catering). Having a varied group of professional people, all integrally involved in the ‘movie business’ in Colorado proves there is a need to bring more productions to our state. We are ready.


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