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Would you like to participate in your community but don’t have the bandwidth to commitment to being a Board Member?
Then join a committee today. Below you’ll learn what each committee does and who is the contact person for each committee.
You can even follow the committee meeting schedule on our calendar. So, contact a Committee Chair of your choice and we’ll see you at the next meeting.

Events Committee: Chair – Johnny Johnson

The Events Committee plans and executes all of the CFVA sponsored events. This committee meets quarterly to discuss venue options as well as event details for all the events. All are welcome to participate.

Communications Committee: Chair – Diego Rodriguez

The Communication Committee is the messaging arm of the CFVA. Tasked with disseminating news and information about CFVA events, community news, and other pertinent and relevant topics, this committee is trying to broaden it’s scope to include more coverage of activities across Colorado. This committee is looking for content creators to help spread the CFVA messaging across multiple media sources, including social medias, newsletters, the website news page, as well as exploring the newest communication tools hitting the market. This committee meets quarterly and all are welcome.

Website Committee: Chair – Lauryn Kellett

The Website Committee manages and maintains the website, including design, structural integrity, as well as maintaining the Production Guide. These are the fine folks who work tirelessly to help all members with their listings and email/password problems. This committee meets quarterly and all are welcome.

Education Committee: Chair – Rob Shearer

The Education Committee plans and executes educational programs like our Filmmaker Focus partnership, as well as other events to continue the educational needs of our community. This committee assesses the education priorities for the community and plans seminars and/or workshops to help introduce that information to all. This committee meets quarterly and all are welcome.

Membership Committee: Chair – Brian Bell

The Membership Committee manages and executes the membership duties for the organization. This committee is responsible for reviewing and changing the membership benefits, while also promoting the opportunities available with a CFVA membership. This committee meets quarterly and all are welcome.


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